Oh my goodness is this a beautiful example! The seller claims that this is an “EXTREMELY ORIGINAL EXAMPLE IN WONDERFUL CONDITION” and we totally understand why he is yelling!

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Still known as a Consul Cortina in 1964 when it left the Dagenham plant, as evidenced by the stylish nameplate on the bonnet, the person who ordered this vehicle also ticked the “Super” trim specification on the form. This trim included the chrome accents on the body side feature lines which really set this spec apart from lesser Cortinas.

The level of equipment included in the Super package brought the Cortina past the Deluxe spec and was the highest luxury sub-model at the time – the GT was more performance oriented and of course the Lotus-built variants were near-racing spec. The Super package included the 60 HP 1.5 litre engine however in this case the optional automatic transmission was not included.

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Along with the gorgeous brightwork the white painted top really enhances the beauty of this Cortina. Again, the condition is astounding. According to the auction site this vehicle was part of a large collection for a number of years and was always maintained to a high standard.  As expected the seller also reports no rust and that it looks and drives excellent.

Seen here are the not so loved “umbrella handle” parking brake handle and lack of Aeroflow vents.

Unfortunately the seller provides little detail, such as no mileage given, however contact details are readily available should one be interested in trading something for this car. Yes the seller does not list a price and appears to only be interested in a trade.

Part of the Super spec were these upgraded door panels which appear to be in flawless shape. The design of the panels is really well executed and rather ornate providing that forward motion feel as well as enough detail to remind the owner this is not your standard Cortina. Interesting to note here is that the steering wheel center cap retains the 5-star motif however the stars appear in-line as opposed to encircling “Cortina” nomenclature. The shift knob does have the familiar roundel though.

Pre-crossflow 1.5 litre good for 60 HP and rust-free inner wings.

Under the bonnet is still incredibly clean – this car clearly enjoyed a very pampered life. The seller indicates a stainless exhaust system has been fitted which appears, other than the battery, to be the only deviation from factory configuration. The generator and other engine accoutrement look as they should and visible electrics seem to have not been messed with as is rarely the case with cars of this vintage. Usually something goes wrong with the Lucas system but if this is the case here it was repaired with the necessary skill. Find contact details and more photographs of this beautiful Super here at  Mike Abbas Classic Cars.