Ford of Australia got the Cortina GT just like the UK however in 1969 the GT was offered in a distinctive local version that featured the “racing stripe” package shown here. In addition to the contents of the GT package a blacked-out bonnet with lock pins was available but not shown on this example.

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All in all the package made for a sporty looking car and the 93 HP 1600 Ford Crossflow could propel it down the quarter mile in 18.3 seconds with the 4-speed as reported by local testers at the time. The gold stripe takes on a typical “hockey stick” style popular on various muscle cars in the states and contrasts well with the red paint on this model.

GT-specific suspension tuning gives this Cortina an aggressive stance.

In addition the GT featured a blacked-out rear panel and specific 5 inch wide steel wheels and radial tyres. The Cortina GT had a long and successful competition career in Australia, particularly in rallying, winning the 1968 Australian Rally Championship.

Inside, the GT came with bucket seats, full GT instrumentation and a sports steering wheel and gearstick in addition to the console as seen in the UK version. The dash layout had come a long way from the early Mark 1s providing decent ergonomics and when paired with the console plenty of practicality.

This tough-looking Cortina sold at auction in 2008 at the Shannons Melbourne Summer Classic Auction which holds a great event every year. Find out more about the event here.