Now this one is a real doll – a 1967 Cortina ragtop. Ford never produced a convertible Cortina; a firm known as Crayford handled the conversion for them and quite a few other manufacturers it seems.  This drop-top comes with “full photographic restoration and huge history file.”

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This would be a convertible, not a Cabriolet. In the Mark 2 flavor Crayford made about 400 convertibles and just a handful of Cabriolets according to the Crayford Convertible Car Club. Cabriolets have tighter rear passenger seating accommodations as a result of the more formal profile with shorter top and longer rear deck (or is it a deeper boot?)

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As cool as it would sound, this ain’t a Drop Head Coupe or Cortina Roadster – it seats 5. This example started with 1500 GT trim and, the seller claims, is one of just seven pre-Crossflow-equipped convertibles produced. Unfortunately there are no under-bonnet images provided

Here we see the base of the top is squared off, while the base of the top on the Cabriolet is a smooth curve – and farther forward.


The interior is very sporty with its array of instruments, a no-nonsense console and shifter, and that classic steering wheel. How great would it be buzzing around in this with some friends in the summertime? The GT was markedly better equipped than its lesser siblings – and a great companion package for the coveted Crayford convertible conversion.

Ready to get down to the business of top-down touring!

According to the marketing site, this car “drives beautifully with all instruments and gauges working” however even the big-bore pre-Crossflow was lacking in power. So many options to rectify the situation – but we’ll leave that to the new owner. This Cortina convertible is available here for £18,950 from Classic Automobiles Worldwide Ltd., Armoury Way, London.