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Ford Cortinas - and Getting Them to the States

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Mark 2 Savage Estate Up For Auction

This genuine 1970 Savage Cortina Estate is up for auction at the The NEC Classic Motor Show Sale in Birmingham, UK. The pre-auction estimate is  £24,000.  When you think about how rare and just how cool this car is – and the remarkable condition – that doesn’t seem like too much money. On top of that this vehicle is reported to be Jeff Uren’s personal car! Jeff Uren was the founder of Race Proved Ltd and the creator of the Cortina Savage.

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BYC 831J is equipped with an automatic transmission and of course the tuned, 140 HP 3.0 litre Essex V6.  The Savage vehicles are certainly Muscle Cars in the American tradition – the fitting of an engine from the large-car range into a vehicle of the mid-size range.

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The Savage Treatment

This interesting Mark III or Taunus-Cortina (TC) is up for auction in the UK and has a V6. The Daytona Yellow paint, as well as the exterior and interior trim, are claimed to be in “immaculate condition” per the auction house.  This generation Cortina is the one that merged with the German Ford Taunus range and became significantly the same car – save for trim and badging – going forward.  Coincidentally, the platform took on a more curvaceous, American-esque design of which the European audience was very fond.  For 1972 the Cortina was Britain’s top selling car.

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