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Ford Cortinas - and Getting Them to the States

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It’s already here! Mark 1 recently imported to the US

Gotta love this left-hand driver – no price is given but it looks like a great little specimen. And the process of importing it has already been done for you! This is certainly one to consider carefully.

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This 1965 Deluxe 1500 model shure shows nicely in photos; the panels looking smooth and the brightwork clean and straight. The outside rear-view mirrors may have a case of the floppies so the new owner may want to address that straight away.

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Fancy an Estate? A Nice One in the UK

Aside from the wagon craze here in the States, wagons, or more properly Estates, have a plethora of practical purposes which can only enhance the ownership experience for a certain segment of the population. Travelers, campers/hikers/mountain bikers, surfers and the like find great utility in this body style – and of course the gettin’ groceries and a random jaunt to the train station.  This 1965 Deluxe with the 1.5 litre pre-Crossflow  engine looks to be ready for it’s next owner.

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