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Ford Cortinas - and Getting Them to the States

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Great Start to the Cortina of Your Dreams

The following Cortina roller is available in the United Kingdom and would make for a great start to a track car project, a Lotus clone or whatever the imagination can conceive. This Aeroflow example appears rough however the seller states that with the exception of the sills the shell is “in solid original condition”.

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Have something to trade? Transition year Lotus in Italy

The owner of this 1965 Ford Lotus-Cortina is only interested in a trade; apparently to keep his collection interesting. Since 1965 was a transition year for the Lotus-modified Cortinas it may be worth it to find something Italian to trade if you don’t already have something worth the $50 – $60 thousand these things are going for these days (January 2017). This is starting to sound like quite an adventure. This particular Cortina was made for export to Italy so it is left-hand drive as well.

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1965 Lotus Cortina Mark 1 For Sale in Johannesburg

This stunning 1965 Lotus Cortina advertised for sale in South Africa personifies the mystique that is the Mark 1 Ford Lotus Cortina.

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Restored Mark 1 That Originally Came In A Box

That’s right – this beautifully restored Cortina was originally a CKD (complete knock-down) kit sent from Ford UK to Australia and assembled at the Ford plant in New South Wales. Ford of Australia imported CKD kits for model years ’63 & ’64 and then switched to SKD (semi-knocked-down) kits for subsequent model years incrementally adding locally-produced parts and eventually pressing their own bodies.

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Clean, Low Mileage 1500 Automatic in Bonnyrigg

This Beige Deluxe is said to have accumulated only 56,000 miles since new although the seller indicates that the Cortina received new front wings at some point. Since the rear wheel arches and sills are rust-free and original one wonders if it was in a crash. Pondering the history further – this 4-door, automatic-equipped Ford could have been the property of the proverbial “little old lady” – the wings being subject to frequent clashes with shopping carts. No formal history is given however the repair work looks straight and clean.

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An Australian Attempt at a Fastback

It seems like the Aussies often got cool stuff. It must be attributable to the tough management of the local Ford subsidiary but they know their market, right? So perhaps it is the culture of Australians asserting their need to be different – and cooler than us yanks and brits. However in this case it didn’t work out. Now in Germany the Cortina’s sister car, the Tanus, did get a fastback model and the styling was excellent but no fastbacks in the UK or Australia despite this excellent attempt.

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New Style “Mod” in Michigan

No container needed for this one – Ford already imported it for you in 1964! The seller reports that it has spent most of it’s life in Arizona and an additional 15 years in dry storage. Apparently when the seller acquired this Cortina it came with a full 1965 1500 GT drivetrain most of which has been swapped into this Deluxe.

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The clean looking wheels and tires may give you a hint at what lies underneath.

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Even More Power and Performance!

Of the 2,894 Mark 1 Lotus Cortinas produced between 1963 and 1966, 64 were fitted with the Lotus Special Equipment package which further tweaked the power and performance of this already potent Ford. The engine upgrades included in this package were similar if not identical to those that were included when the Lotus Elan was specified with S/E trim. In fact many of the performance bits, such as the close-ratio gearbox, came from the Lotus parts bin to the extent that the motoring press at the time referred to the Lotus Cortina as a “tin-top” version of the Lotus 7. Beyond the single script nomenclature on the rear panel, the Lotus Special Equipment spec included a green coated cam cover that replaced the blue one present on the “standard” Lotus Cortina.

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The advertised engine output increased by 10 HP as a result of semi-race (‘C’ type) camshafts being fitted to a cylinder head that featured massaged intake and exhaust ports. Those modifications as well as an increased tubing diameter exhaust system necessitated the re-jetting of the twin Weber 40 DCOE18 carburettors and a re-curved distributor. Other parts of the package included adjustable rear dampers by Armstrong, 3-point seatbelts by Irvin, a leather-covered steering wheel and radial tires by either Pirelli or Dunlop.

Unbelievably Original Pre-Aeroflow Super

Oh my goodness is this a beautiful example! The seller claims that this is an “EXTREMELY ORIGINAL EXAMPLE IN WONDERFUL CONDITION” and we totally understand why he is yelling!

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Still known as a Consul Cortina in 1964 when it left the Dagenham plant, as evidenced by the stylish nameplate on the bonnet, the person who ordered this vehicle also ticked the “Super” trim specification on the form. This trim included the chrome accents on the body side feature lines which really set this spec apart from lesser Cortinas.

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One of the Rarest Cortinas on the Planet

This little Woody-optioned Cortina Estate is said to be one of only about five known to exist in Aeroflow spec. It is quite remarkable that the faux wood trim has remained in such good condition, however at the time these photographs were posted on the interior had seen better days.

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