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Ford Cortinas - and Getting Them to the States

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Restored 1600E in Northamptonshire

As the 1600E model of the Ford Cortina was the first of the marque to be considered a classic, it is really no surprise that restored examples are appearing more often on the market. This wonderfully restored example looks super clean in white with the thin pinstripe and bright Rubery Owen-style (Rostyle) wheels.

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They Got Cool Stripes Down Under

Ford of Australia got the Cortina GT just like the UK however in 1969 the GT was offered in a distinctive local version that featured the “racing stripe” package shown here. In addition to the contents of the GT package a blacked-out bonnet with lock pins was available but not shown on this example.

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In this case the ‘E’ is for Executive

Up for auction in Swainby, which is about 59 kilometers north of York in the picturesque county of North Yorkshire, UK we find this gorgeous 1970 1600E. In October of 1967 Ford of Britain announced the availability of a luxury/performance model that would move the Mark 2 into a new sales segment.

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The Cortina 1600E would become a very popular option in this market niche as the model offered many performance and luxury features for a reasonable amount of money. In fact, according to author and Cortina expert Graham Robson, the 1600E would be the first Cortina recognized as a classic.

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Show Winner But Those Wheels Must Go

Up for sale in the village of Pennington, located in Hampshire, England, is this multiple-show-winning Crayford conversion that is a sight to behold. The vehicle comes with at least 16 car show plaques and a set of gruesome wheels. Really those things must go – a nice set of GT-spec wheels would be so much better or even Rostyles. On the high side new Minilite or Dunlop clones would look fantastic but these Cragar-looking things really break the look.

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Briefly – The Ford Kent Engine

Born with the Anglia 105E in 1959, the 997cc Ford Kent engine (using contemporary designations) was an overhead-valve (OHV) inline 4-cylinder – with 2 valves per cylinder and 3 main bearings – cast in iron. Originally the cylinder head was fitted with both the intake and exhaust manifolds on the same side (intake and exhaust ports next to each other), which was declining in use at the time, however is important to the classification of the Kent engine. Kent is the name of an English county across the river Thames from the Ford Dagenham plant (east of London) where many Cortinas were built. This first “Kent” was utilized in 5 different Ford models (39-78 bhp) as well as in a few specialty vehicles; even in it’s initial guise the Kent provided an excellent base for motorsports applications.


After a redesign of the engine in 1967, which placed the intake and exhaust ports on opposite sides of the head, the Kent became alternatively known as the Ford Crossflow. The Crossflow also offered a sturdier block with 5 main bearings which delighted the racing teams who expanded their competition engine programmes with much success. This engine lived on for many years in both production and motorsports and as of 2016 the Kent block was still being manufactured by Ford for speciality applications.

So the Cortina was powered initially by the pre-Crossflow Kent or in the case of the Lotus Cortina the pre-Crossflow block, modified and transformed into the Lotus Twincam engine. The Mark 2 then debuted the Crossflow but also offered the pre-Crossflow Kent as well as the Lotus Twincam. When the Mark 3 debuted the pre-Crossflow was no longer available however the Pinto single overhead-cam (SOHC) engine appeared alongside the Crossflow. The Ford Crossflow (aka Ford Kent) engine was available in the Cortina for the remainder of its production.

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