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Ford Cortinas - and Getting Them to the States

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Possibly One of the Most Desireable of the Breed?

With American Muscle Cars, convertible versions are highly sought after by enthusiasts, and the same is probably true with cars produced globally. This Mark 2 not only has the Lotus package but has also been converted into a drophead by Crayford. The seller claims this vehicle is 1 of only 25 produced with this combination however another source indicates more than 40 were built.  A nice set of Minilites have been fitted which really give it a great look. Reportedly this Ford has been registered to 3 owners since 1967 and was recently treated to a new top. The paint and brightwork appear in phenomenal condition.

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The Cutest Little Crayford

Now this one is a real doll – a 1967 Cortina ragtop. Ford never produced a convertible Cortina; a firm known as Crayford handled the conversion for them and quite a few other manufacturers it seems.  This drop-top comes with “full photographic restoration and huge history file.”

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Show Winner But Those Wheels Must Go

Up for sale in the village of Pennington, located in Hampshire, England, is this multiple-show-winning Crayford conversion that is a sight to behold. The vehicle comes with at least 16 car show plaques and a set of gruesome wheels. Really those things must go – a nice set of GT-spec wheels would be so much better or even Rostyles. On the high side new Minilite or Dunlop clones would look fantastic but these Cragar-looking things really break the look.

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