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Ford Cortinas - and Getting Them to the States

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Restored 1600E in Northamptonshire

As the 1600E model of the Ford Cortina was the first of the marque to be considered a classic, it is really no surprise that restored examples are appearing more often on the market. This wonderfully restored example looks super clean in white with the thin pinstripe and bright Rubery Owen-style (Rostyle) wheels.

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In this case the ‘E’ is for Executive

Up for auction in Swainby, which is about 59 kilometers north of York in the picturesque county of North Yorkshire, UK we find this gorgeous 1970 1600E. In October of 1967 Ford of Britain announced the availability of a luxury/performance model that would move the Mark 2 into a new sales segment.

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The Cortina 1600E would become a very popular option in this market niche as the model offered many performance and luxury features for a reasonable amount of money. In fact, according to author and Cortina expert Graham Robson, the 1600E would be the first Cortina recognized as a classic.

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