Up for sale in the village of Pennington, located in Hampshire, England, is this multiple-show-winning Crayford conversion that is a sight to behold. The vehicle comes with at least 16 car show plaques and a set of gruesome wheels. Really those things must go – a nice set of GT-spec wheels would be so much better or even Rostyles. On the high side new Minilite or Dunlop clones would look fantastic but these Cragar-looking things really break the look.

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Now that we are past that whole wheel issue this thing looks incredible! Finished in Radiant Red this 1968 Cortina GT is certainly deserving of the many awards it has received since the work performed between 2004 and 2014 was completed.

The convertible top looks as new and matches the interior. A white top and white interior would be nice too however black interiors always seem to be more cohesive – unless every part is white and that is very rarely the case. Certainly better than tri-color in your author’s opinion. It is great to see the GT badging here as well as the Crayford emblem. The small GT badge on the rear wing is so understated it is elegant.

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The GT-spec interior just screams Grand Touring! Very sporting indeed with the improved console and excellent steering wheel. The only way to improve things here would be the series 2 fascia with improved ergonomics and a set of wood panels from the Executive model – but there is no complaining here. Seats look very inviting and instrumentation looks fresh. Here is one of the things that make the Ford Cortina so attractive; it’s a little economy car but so sporty at the same time.  I mean this interior shot with the rear seat cropped out could easily pass for a sports car as opposed to a pedestrian grocery-getter with a GT badge. Surely that is one big reason why they sold so well.

Whomever did the interior work is not lacking in skill.

Really the only thing that hinders that sporty state of mind is the lack of excessive horsepower – but we aren’t looking at a race car here – we’re looking at a hot little red ragtop. And a beautifully sorted one at that. Under the bonnet things look very tidy – perhaps more than when new. Someone spent some time organizing the wiring – there are 100% original examples where the wiring looks considerably less orderly. Looks like the thermostat housing has spent a little time with the polishing wheel too – but none of these things should be a problem for the new owner – but those wheels…

The 1599 cc Crossflow netted 80 HP at 5400 RPM.

This is a Cortina that anyone would love to cruise around in on a hot saturday night with your best squeeze riding shotgun. Find it for sale here at M&M Automotive for £19,950.