This concours condition Mark 2 is for sale in London with an asking price of nearly fifty thousand pounds! Looking closely at this beauty however we can see why – it is a phenomenal example.


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The exterior presents as new or better with the traditional color scheme and all brightwork looking like it did in 1969. This Series 1 example has only covered 22,500 miles in its apparently coddled lifetime as no competition provenance is provided.


Note the absence of the Lotus roundel on the back panel.

Although Series 2 production commenced in September of 1968, the position of the instruments and lack of fuse box quickly confirm its build prior to that date.


Do not rely on this blog post for accurate information – see the seller’s website for specifics.

Further, the clock in the center console as well as the location of the LOTUS script on the cam cover indicate this is a late Series 1 example, sometimes called Series 1, Phase 2. Careful research is advised here as is the case whenever history is lacking, however the seller claims “This car has never been offered on the open market before”.
Love it or hate it, the Mark 2 airbox looks as new. Further inspection under the bonnet reveals ridiculously clean Type 31 Webers and a flawless Girling servo. The overall condition of this vehicle is truly incredible – a brilliant restoration.


Note the Girling type 2a servo without the band around the vacuum tank.

The Ermine White paint on the underbelly looks as good as that on the sunny side – again probably better than new. We would love to see the results of judging at a concours event – perhaps it will appear in public view under new ownership.


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While the Mark 1 Cortinas, especially the Lotus variants, are more highly sought after there is little doubt that the Mark 2s are technically superior vehicles. Ford were able to gain a lot of experience with the Mark 1s which also transferred to the Escort platform and the incredible success of both programmes. This particular example, being a Series 1b and titled as a 1969, does provide some interesting talking points – and perhaps a bit more challenge for a judge not thoroughly familiar with the running changes during production. A Cortina Lotus of this caliber may not see much action on the track however any British Ford enthusiast would cherish the opportunity to place it in their garage. It is available here on