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Ford Cortinas - and Getting Them to the States

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Restored Mark 1 That Originally Came In A Box

That’s right – this beautifully restored Cortina was originally a CKD (complete knock-down) kit sent from Ford UK to Australia and assembled at the Ford plant in New South Wales. Ford of Australia imported CKD kits for model years ’63 & ’64 and then switched to SKD (semi-knocked-down) kits for subsequent model years incrementally adding locally-produced parts and eventually pressing their own bodies.

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Not Too Far From Its Birthplace But Willing To Travel

This Mark 2 Cortina-Lotus looks very racy in “Red II 65” with its “Amber Gold” stripe. A welcome departure from the typical white and green livery. In fact, any color stripe could be added by the dealer as the Cortina Twincam was built alongside the GT at Dagenham.

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Show Winner But Those Wheels Must Go

Up for sale in the village of Pennington, located in Hampshire, England, is this multiple-show-winning Crayford conversion that is a sight to behold. The vehicle comes with at least 16 car show plaques and a set of gruesome wheels. Really those things must go – a nice set of GT-spec wheels would be so much better or even Rostyles. On the high side new Minilite or Dunlop clones would look fantastic but these Cragar-looking things really break the look.

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Clean, Low Mileage 1500 Automatic in Bonnyrigg

This Beige Deluxe is said to have accumulated only 56,000 miles since new although the seller indicates that the Cortina received new front wings at some point. Since the rear wheel arches and sills are rust-free and original one wonders if it was in a crash. Pondering the history further – this 4-door, automatic-equipped Ford could have been the property of the proverbial “little old lady” – the wings being subject to frequent clashes with shopping carts. No formal history is given however the repair work looks straight and clean.

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An Australian Attempt at a Fastback

It seems like the Aussies often got cool stuff. It must be attributable to the tough management of the local Ford subsidiary but they know their market, right? So perhaps it is the culture of Australians asserting their need to be different – and cooler than us yanks and brits. However in this case it didn’t work out. Now in Germany the Cortina’s sister car, the Tanus, did get a fastback model and the styling was excellent but no fastbacks in the UK or Australia despite this excellent attempt.

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More Detail on Insurance

Peace of mind. That is what it comes down to – feeling like you’re protected. Not to sound like an insurance commercial ( is not affiliated with any insurance company) but protecting your property is just common sense. When planning to ship your Cortina to the US there are a number of questions that will come to mind. What does cargo insurance cover? Cargo Insurance covers loss and/or damage of cargo while it is in transit between the points of origin and final destination. The transportation modes of the goods cargo insurance covers are by sea, air, and land.

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Even More Power and Performance!

Of the 2,894 Mark 1 Lotus Cortinas produced between 1963 and 1966, 64 were fitted with the Lotus Special Equipment package which further tweaked the power and performance of this already potent Ford. The engine upgrades included in this package were similar if not identical to those that were included when the Lotus Elan was specified with S/E trim. In fact many of the performance bits, such as the close-ratio gearbox, came from the Lotus parts bin to the extent that the motoring press at the time referred to the Lotus Cortina as a “tin-top” version of the Lotus 7. Beyond the single script nomenclature on the rear panel, the Lotus Special Equipment spec included a green coated cam cover that replaced the blue one present on the “standard” Lotus Cortina.

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The advertised engine output increased by 10 HP as a result of semi-race (‘C’ type) camshafts being fitted to a cylinder head that featured massaged intake and exhaust ports. Those modifications as well as an increased tubing diameter exhaust system necessitated the re-jetting of the twin Weber 40 DCOE18 carburettors and a re-curved distributor. Other parts of the package included adjustable rear dampers by Armstrong, 3-point seatbelts by Irvin, a leather-covered steering wheel and radial tires by either Pirelli or Dunlop.

Some Detail on Cargo Insurance

International shipping, with the various options for transport as well as multiple passes through customs agencies, takes careful planning and a measure of trust. However even when the most prudent and comprehensive arrangements have been made there is no absolute guarantee that your cargo will arrive undamaged or even at all.

Please consult a cargo insurance specialist and do not consider this blog post as legal advice.

As they say – that is what insurance is for. Loss or damage can occur while the ship is in port, while the goods are in transit to the warehouse, or even while at the warehouse itself as well as while in transit on the ship. Insurance is big business and there are many types of policies and options available. There are a number of risks involved, such as fire, but you will want to make sure the policy you purchase covers the risks appropriate to your chosen transport method. Additionally as with most insurance types there are exclusions – certain conditions or events where the policy becomes basically inapplicable. You should think about these and be certain you are comfortable with them.

Universal Cargo has prepared a document Cargo Insurance Basics which is available from their blog post here.

Briefly – Roy Brown Jr., Car Designer

Designing and engineering vehicles for Ford in the States, Mr. Brown had been transferred to Ford’s British arm from Dearborn shortly after designing the Edsel. Yes, Roy Brown Jr. designed the Mk 1 Cortina – then moved back to the States where he eventually spent just shy of 40 years in retirement. There is a ton more to this story – from the life and times of an automotive designer in 1950s America to the drama around the fall of the Edsel to the artistic resurgence in England and the success there. What a phenomenal career. From a design perspective the Edsel was a triumph – from a marketing perspective the Cortina was as well.

1958 Edsel Pacer 2-Door hardtop © Lars-Göran Lindgren Sweden. Licensed under Creative Commons Licence 3.0.

There certainly is a radical difference in design language used between the Edsel and the Cortina – but if you look at the other cars Mr. Brown designed it is clear he was versatile with form and function. It seems he drove an Edsel late in life; I wonder if he had a Cortina.

You and the Law – International Law

International law concerning the transport of goods between countries is a complex subject; however the small slice of legislation you will be dealing with is digestible with the proper guidance. People import cars every day – in fact the folks you will be dealing with may assume you do – and knowing what you are doing will make their day less frustrating as well. Having the necessary knowledge will not only make the process go smoother it may save you money and time.  It will also make the whole experience more rewarding. Humans have been moving stuff around this planet practically since the dawn of time so as you can imagine there are many defined procedures and methods that have been in use for decades if not centuries.  Following the rules and selecting the most advantageous options will not only keep you out of trouble but ensure your vehicle makes it to its destination without undue hassle.

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