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Ford Cortinas - and Getting Them to the States

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The Cutest Little Crayford

Now this one is a real doll – a 1967 Cortina ragtop. Ford never produced a convertible Cortina; a firm known as Crayford handled the conversion for them and quite a few other manufacturers it seems.  This drop-top comes with “full photographic restoration and huge history file.”

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One of the Last of the Last

This Mark V, when sold at auction in 2012, had never been registered for road use in the UK. One of the last vehicles to be assembled for the 1981 model year, this Cherry Red GL was purchased by a collector who reportedly liked to acquire specimens of different vehicles from the last years of their production.


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Fancy an Estate? A Nice One in the UK

Aside from the wagon craze here in the States, wagons, or more properly Estates, have a plethora of practical purposes which can only enhance the ownership experience for a certain segment of the population. Travelers, campers/hikers/mountain bikers, surfers and the like find great utility in this body style – and of course the gettin’ groceries and a random jaunt to the train station.  This 1965 Deluxe with the 1.5 litre pre-Crossflow  engine looks to be ready for it’s next owner.

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The Savage Treatment

This interesting Mark III or Taunus-Cortina (TC) is up for auction in the UK and has a V6. The Daytona Yellow paint, as well as the exterior and interior trim, are claimed to be in “immaculate condition” per the auction house.  This generation Cortina is the one that merged with the German Ford Taunus range and became significantly the same car – save for trim and badging – going forward.  Coincidentally, the platform took on a more curvaceous, American-esque design of which the European audience was very fond.  For 1972 the Cortina was Britain’s top selling car.

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Perfect – and worth the cost!

This concours condition Mark 2 is for sale in London with an asking price of nearly fifty thousand pounds! Looking closely at this beauty however we can see why – it is a phenomenal example.


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The Salford Jets – Gina

A pleasant little ditty – but this video has more than just Mr. Sweeney and boys – it is actually a wonderful little documentary!

Mike Sweeney

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Great Start to the Cortina of Your Dreams

The following Cortina roller is available in the United Kingdom and would make for a great start to a track car project, a Lotus clone or whatever the imagination can conceive. This Aeroflow example appears rough however the seller states that with the exception of the sills the shell is “in solid original condition”.

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Have something to trade? Transition year Lotus in Italy

The owner of this 1965 Ford Lotus-Cortina is only interested in a trade; apparently to keep his collection interesting. Since 1965 was a transition year for the Lotus-modified Cortinas it may be worth it to find something Italian to trade if you don’t already have something worth the $50 – $60 thousand these things are going for these days (January 2017). This is starting to sound like quite an adventure. This particular Cortina was made for export to Italy so it is left-hand drive as well.

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1965 Lotus Cortina Mark 1 For Sale in Johannesburg

This stunning 1965 Lotus Cortina advertised for sale in South Africa personifies the mystique that is the Mark 1 Ford Lotus Cortina.

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Sweet ’69 GT In Little Scotland

This clean little GT is currently located in Corby, Northamptonshire, England which is known as “Little Scotland” due to the number of Scottish folks that worked in the steel mills there in the 1930s.  The seller does not state, however, where the Cortina was imported from – but the steering wheel position is in the right place for us in the States!

Nevertheless this is a very pretty example with its Silver Fox metallic paint and black PVC interior.  The FORD block letters across the bonnet first made their appearance this year.

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