This little Woody-optioned Cortina Estate is said to be one of only about five known to exist in Aeroflow spec. It is quite remarkable that the faux wood trim has remained in such good condition, however at the time these photographs were posted on the interior had seen better days.

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Contrary to widely held opinion, Woody wagons are not limited to the beaches of California. This 1966 1500 would certainly cause quite a stir on the west coast of the States! Wearing later-model wheels and with some random parts floating around the inside this example is said to run and drive well, and could be enjoyed while restoration progresses at a leisurely pace – if that is your desire.

Rear nomenclature is missing but perhaps it is stored in the interior.

Unfortunately the designers were not able to adapt the iconic round tail lights from the saloon body to the estate however the form certainly follows function. A bit of a contrast here with the purely aesthetic wood panels.  All of the glass looks to be in good shape as well as the brightwork, however I hope the new owner swaps out the “Rostyle” wheels with correct units.

As viewed from the side the shape of the wooden panel is very unique; the form eschews any attempt to fool the viewer into believing the vehicle is constructed partially of wood taking on a more artful stance and even suggesting forward motion. It is a great design that compliments the body feature lines very well and is appreciated much more than a vinyl appliqué. Overall the Estate body is well proportioned and the stance just right.

Right there on the passenger seat is part of the rear badging! Happy day!

That steering wheel sure is a pretty blue – it doesn’t coordinate very well however with no fewer than seven shades of blue available on the Mark 1 it is hard to imagine that Ford produced matching bits for all optional colors. With the more traditional blue seats we have a real multi-tone motif going here. In the opinion of your humble author it is much nicer than the mostly drab options available on cars today.