This Mark 2 Cortina-Lotus looks very racy in “Red II 65” with its “Amber Gold” stripe. A welcome departure from the typical white and green livery. In fact, any color stripe could be added by the dealer as the Cortina Twincam was built alongside the GT at Dagenham.

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The seller reports that this Cortina “Drives Superb Engine runs Perfect” and that the “Paint Work is excellent” and it sure looks to be the case. The seller has added what appears to be a reversing or rear fog light which from a practical perspective would be useful in certain climates however does detract from the clean appearance of the rear end.

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An aftermarket rear window defogger has also been fitted so we can assume that the weather in Kent, England necessitates these devices however from a purist perspective these accessories would need to be removed.

Looking at the interior we can see that some aftermarket accessories have been installed. The Series 2 dash has been drilled to accept what appears to be audio equipment so we could assume that speaker holes have been made in the usual locations. The improved console with the propshaft tunnel mounted handbrake has also been drilled and some switches and indicators have been fitted.

Here we can see the Lotus roundel on the shift knob but not on the steering wheel.

Here we note the Series 2 characteristics with regards to instrumentation – the ammeter, oil pressure, coolant temperature and fuel gauge have been moved to the main fascia panel and the tachometer and speedometer position has been reversed. The reclining seats look to be in great condition as  do the door cards.

Under the bonnet there have been some deviations from original that the new owner may want to correct. Surely the missing air cleaner and incorrect cam cover do not hinder driving enjoyment but would cause any serious enthusiast to gasp as these are key pieces to the Lotus pedigree.

The 1.5 litre Twincam engine produces 115 HP at 6,000 RPM and engine speed was mechanically limited to 6,500.

A large aluminum radiator has been fitted which is surely better performing than the original unit. Additionally some wiring looks to have been modified but other than that the engine compartment looks very clean. Overall this example looks like loads of fun to drive and would suit the new owner very well in that regard. However there are a few changes that would need to be made to the interior and under the bonnet to bring this Cortina-Lotus up to show winning status at any shows that would judge its originality. Consider your needs and any budgetary concerns carefully.

Find this 48,600 mile Ford Cortina Twincam for sale here on eBay UK for £24,995. The car currently resides in Folkestone, Kent, United Kingdom however the seller states that “can deliver anywhere for extra cost”.