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Ford Cortinas - and Getting Them to the States

New Style “Mod” in Michigan

No container needed for this one – Ford already imported it for you in 1964! The seller reports that it has spent most of it’s life in Arizona and an additional 15 years in dry storage. Apparently when the seller acquired this Cortina it came with a full 1965 1500 GT drivetrain most of which has been swapped into this Deluxe.

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The clean looking wheels and tires may give you a hint at what lies underneath.

Looks incredible under here – the only questionable item is the unnecessarily large 2.5 inch exhaust tubing.

As you can see the underside has been fully restored and nicely detailed. The seller states that the Cortina has received a complete rebuild of all mechanical systems including poly suspension bushings, wheel bearings, and ball and steering joints. The brakes have been fully sorted as well with new pads, rotors and drums, lines and master cylinder. Front suspension has been converted to coilovers and new Spax adjustable dampers have been fitted front and rear. Fuel system has been replaced too and features a 12 gallon fuel cell.  The seller notes that the transmission and differential have not been rebuilt however a new clutch and flywheel are present.

As far as the sunny side of the body this Cortina is in as-found condition with a glorious patina and no rust holes – only some minor dents and dings. The paint sure takes on a different hue in the garage.

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The pre-Crossflow has been completely rebuilt to better than GT spec with a full array of aftermarket performance parts. The engine bay certainly looks impressive except for that coiled up coil wire. Sheet metal has been restored and the new Motorsports-Tools aluminum strut tops (with spherical bearings) are clearly visible.  The ad copy provides that the block has been bored .040 over and a “rally” cam installed. In addition a new ceramic-coated header, water pump, oil pump, alternator and electronic distributor have been fitted. This baby should sing like a bird!

Still a little cleanup to do here including that crazy coil wire and we’re not sure the Griffin radiator is necessary.

We would leave the body alone however get straight to work on the interior. Being a “western” car the inside has been completely baked.

It seems that none of the original gauges are operational but the seller has installed aftermarket oil pressure and coolant temperature gauges for good reason.

It is going to take the new owner quite a bit of effort and cash to bring the interior up to the standard set by the rest of this Ford – but it will be worth it in the end because this pre-Aeroflow saloon with left-hand drive would certainly garner lots of attention at any show here in the states. There are lots of options. Since the chassis (with the exception of the non-GT rear suspension) is already track-tuned one could go minimalistic on the interior. Alternatively, with the rich patina, the new owner could adopt one of the latest trends and customize the interior with exotic materials, woods, and a killer sound system. Something has to be done as it is too rough to drive as is – the owner reports that the seats are “mostly duct tape”.

Find this great car here on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $7500.

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  1. Were both stripes from the factory? Seems a little busy.

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