This genuine 1970 Savage Cortina Estate is up for auction at the The NEC Classic Motor Show Sale in Birmingham, UK. The pre-auction estimate is  £24,000.  When you think about how rare and just how cool this car is – and the remarkable condition – that doesn’t seem like too much money. On top of that this vehicle is reported to be Jeff Uren’s personal car! Jeff Uren was the founder of Race Proved Ltd and the creator of the Cortina Savage.

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BYC 831J is equipped with an automatic transmission and of course the tuned, 140 HP 3.0 litre Essex V6.  The Savage vehicles are certainly Muscle Cars in the American tradition – the fitting of an engine from the large-car range into a vehicle of the mid-size range.

Although not constructed by Ford as the GTO was constructed by Pontiac, the Savage conversions had the full support of Ford of Britain. This example has been fitted with Lotus instruments and Ford RS seats in addition to the standard Savage bits like upgraded cooling system, cross member and suspension; a limited-slip differential and an extra 8-gallon tank mounted above the rear axle.

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This is really a gorgeous car with the silver paint and beautiful Dunlop wheels. All appropriate Savage badging is present and brightwork looks flawless having received a comprehensive restoration by the current owner that preserved as much of the originality as was possible.

Jeff Uren was a race driver in the late ’50s and early ’60s having won the British Saloon Car Championship in 1959 before becoming a Ford ‘works’ driver piloting larger Ford vehicles like the Zephyr. He was also an accomplished competition team manager building and driving Ford Galaxies, Falcons, Cobras and GT40s. Further Mr. Uren was able to flex his engineering muscle by forming Race Proved Ltd which produced 1,700 V6 conversions. The cars were very well executed and highly regarded in their day.

The 60° Essex V6 also formed the base for the 3.4 L Cosworth GAA racing engine.

The auction includes full documentation including  a handwritten notebook by Mr. Uren himself as well as the original Race Proved invoice. One has to wonder if this vehicle should be placed in a museum given its provenance – while I am sure it is fun to drive sometimes history mandates preservation for posterity. Not only fun to drive, but considering it is an Estate, excellent utility as well. As the auction text states a Savage Estate was a “strange concept at the time, but brilliantly predated the Audi RS Avant and the BMW M5 Touring by 30 years.” No doubt.

Seemingly flawless interior. Would love to see pictures prior to restoration.

Hopefully the restoration was well documented however the auction makes no mention of it. Only a few Estates underwent the Savage conversion and this would certainly be one of the most coveted examples of all types. Find full details of the vehicle and the auction here at Silverstone Auctions.