Gotta love this left-hand driver – no price is given but it looks like a great little specimen. And the process of importing it has already been done for you! This is certainly one to consider carefully.

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This 1965 Deluxe 1500 model shure shows nicely in photos; the panels looking smooth and the brightwork clean and straight. The outside rear-view mirrors may have a case of the floppies so the new owner may want to address that straight away.

The stance looks great – the guys who did the restoration, which was reportedly completed around 2012 in the UK, did a great job with the suspension. The seller also states that the very low mileage car “Starts right up and drives good, drives straight and brakes work good. Everything works. No oil leaks.”

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In profile it is apparent that the Deluxe model did not include the bright trim accenting the feature lines. No problem at all – those lines stand up nicely on their own. Again panels look well aligned and that classic Cortina boot looks baby-bottom smooth.

1965 Ford Cortina Deluxe 1500 looks ready for a US plate.

It looks like this Cortina has benefitted from Gulf brand products at some point in it’s life – otherwise lenses and glass all around looks to be in great shape. Underhood shows well too – neat and fairly tidy with what looks like a newer radiator and battery-side electrics. The reverse-flow 1498cc engine is coupled to a fully-synchronized 4-speed and has been treated to GT-level enhancements as was probably common back in the day.

Pre-crossflow and an Optima battery.

This was an improved engine having 5 main bearings (as opposed to 3 like the Anglia-sourced engine) and a sturdier block overall however the Crossflow head wouldn’t be on the market for another 2 years. If the new owner wants to tweak a bit more power it is very easy as there are lots of Formula Ford parts and systems to choose from. Alternatively a 2.3 litre EcoBoost might shoehorn right in there too…

Then there is the interior. Probably the most questionable thing on this car (well next to the battery hold down system). Seat covers look shabby and the wad of wires adjacent to the tach sure doesn’t inspire confidence. Other than the aftermarket steering wheel cover it really is not that bad.

This is the first place the new owner will probably start to think about spending some cash.

According to the seller the car has “a very rare updated center console” but it is not clear if this is a GT-spec part and from what generation. Or is it aftermarket? Seems to do the job – the updates are thoughtful and enhance the vehicle but something has to be done about the seats and the instrumentation.  It would be nice to have a more sporting steering wheel however the starry center cap on this Deluxe model does elicit a smile.

The 5 star badge. Very nice.

This Cortina Deluxe appears to be for sale on multiple sites however you can find it here on Classic Cars Mark.