The following Cortina roller is available in the United Kingdom and would make for a great start to a track car project, a Lotus clone or whatever the imagination can conceive. This Aeroflow example appears rough however the seller states that with the exception of the sills the shell is “in solid original condition”.

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All images are the property of the owner and not the property of

Many of the auto enthusiast blogs these days feature stories about interesting and noteworthy vehicles however the stories and discussions tend to focus on either the deal itself or the prospective buyer’s intended usage of the vehicle. Perhaps this is due to the nature of the blog format itself – catering to the “armchair enthusiast” who is eager to brag about their negotiating skills or their preference for driving and using the vehicle if it were theirs.

Starting with a “shell” and building a car to your specifications is typically not an exercise in generating positive financial return – although the physical and mental benefits of such an endeavor can far outweigh any monetary gain. Further, participating in community events or competing on the show circuit are just as legitimate as logging track time or garnering “thumb ups” on your daily commute.

Although surface rust abounds, the steel is strong and will stand up to any required reshaping or reinforcement the buyer wishes. Acid dipping and seam welding is a viable option as is restoration of factory paint attributes and chalk marks as applicable.


Undercarriage shot showing minimal surface rust.

Fender inners appear strong and the shock towers are almost begging for an aftermarket brace – if that is the direction the buyer wishes to take.


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The seller provides the following photograph which gives the viewer a great shot of those classic Cortina lines – and probably unintentionally urges prospective buyers to take action and position this roller behind their own transport pending relocation to their own workshop.


This could be the view from your transport vehicle!

Starting a project from this point as opposed to purchasing a driver-quality example must be a decision that is carefully considered. The old cliché “labor of love” goes a long way in this instance and your goals and desires – probably more than the contents of your pocketbook – are in view here. Far too many enthusiast’s garage contain unfinished projects (as we all know) because the dream of enjoying the vehicle clouds the reality of the work involved. The lengthy journey from shell to your heart’s desire is about the journey – as they say – and if your goals are not consistent with this experience then consider a different example, which may involve saving and waiting for the right one to come along.