Aside from the wagon craze here in the States, wagons, or more properly Estates, have a plethora of practical purposes which can only enhance the ownership experience for a certain segment of the population. Travelers, campers/hikers/mountain bikers, surfers and the like find great utility in this body style – and of course the gettin’ groceries and a random jaunt to the train station.  This 1965 Deluxe with the 1.5 litre pre-Crossflow  engine looks to be ready for it’s next owner.

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Further expanding on the Cortina range’s high-value proposition, the Estate offered additional cargo room while maintaining D-segment (or to us Yanks, mid-size) dimensions. Proportions are consistent with other Estate models of the era – utility took priority over aesthetics – however combined with the low trim level this example was all about business.  Given the working nature of the specification it is wonderful to see it in such remarkable condition.

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Unfortunately the stylists were not able to utilize the iconic circular taillamp assemblies and made due with more pedestrian and certainly more generic units.  Although the odometer shows over 111 thousand miles the seller states that both the interior is lovely and that the underneath is very nice; and that the bodywork only shows a few hand touch-ups and rust bubbles.

Rear view evokes images of Volkswagens and Volvos

Interior looks smart in Deluxe trim however it appears that an aftermarket radio and steering wheel have been fitted which the new owner will probably appreciate. Otherwise the Aeroflow ventilation system with it’s endearing control console, as well as the soft bits look impressively well preserved. Someone has taken great care of this little grocery getter.

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What potential this car has! With a few mechanical adjustments it would make a phenomenal tow vehicle for your track car – maybe done up in Lotus livery to transport your Formula racer and crew? Or just freshened up and enjoyed – the seller comments that it “does drive unbelievably well” – so car show days and picnics with the family sounds great too. Check it out here at Car and Classic for just £6595.