This Beige Deluxe is said to have accumulated only 56,000 miles since new although the seller indicates that the Cortina received new front wings at some point. Since the rear wheel arches and sills are rust-free and original one wonders if it was in a crash. Pondering the history further – this 4-door, automatic-equipped Ford could have been the property of the proverbial “little old lady” – the wings being subject to frequent clashes with shopping carts. No formal history is given however the repair work looks straight and clean.

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In fact the entire vehicle looks completely original and in excellent shape. Although the intended role for this vehicle in 1966 was purely utilitarian these days it is certainly appreciated for its classic styling and complete lack of boy-racer modifications. Door and boot lid gaps look as they should and the minimal brightwork looks in fine condition. The seller maintains that the car has not been modified or altered in any way other than minor repairs.

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The interior looks clean and original as well with complimentary seats and door cards in excellent condition. The color is very pleasing and shows its age well. The low level trim fascia looks to have escaped fitting of an aftermarket radio however auxiliary gauges have been added which can certainly be understood given the lack of factory instrumentation.

Original steering wheel looks lovely with the 5-star centre cap intact. Note also the column-mounted automatic gear selector and indicator bezel which is not often seen at this trim level. Based on the interior condition the low mileage seems plausible and supports the notion of short-trip grocery-getter status.

The interior colors compliment the exterior color nicely.

Under the bonnet sits the 1498 cc pre-Crossflow engine with its 60 HP which was the base engine for Super. This was a good choice when paired with the automatic trans and although lethargic by today’s standards was perfectly suited for its intended duty. The seller states that the engine runs perfect and that the auto gearbox has just been professionally serviced.

Very clean under here. This car must have been well loved by someone.

Again, the condition supports the theory that this little Cortina has led a relatively pampered life of weekly market trips and perhaps church attendance. If this is not the case it surely looks the part with the lack of apparent restoration and beautiful original interior. Find this lovely Ford for sale here on eBay UK for £7,500.00.