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Ford Cortinas - and Getting Them to the States

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New Style “Mod” in Michigan

No container needed for this one – Ford already imported it for you in 1964! The seller reports that it has spent most of it’s life in Arizona and an additional 15 years in dry storage. Apparently when the seller acquired this Cortina it came with a full 1965 1500 GT drivetrain most of which has been swapped into this Deluxe.

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The clean looking wheels and tires may give you a hint at what lies underneath.

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Unbelievably Original Pre-Aeroflow Super

Oh my goodness is this a beautiful example! The seller claims that this is an “EXTREMELY ORIGINAL EXAMPLE IN WONDERFUL CONDITION” and we totally understand why he is yelling!

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Still known as a Consul Cortina in 1964 when it left the Dagenham plant, as evidenced by the stylish nameplate on the bonnet, the person who ordered this vehicle also ticked the “Super” trim specification on the form. This trim included the chrome accents on the body side feature lines which really set this spec apart from lesser Cortinas.

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Mark 2 Savage Estate Up For Auction

This genuine 1970 Savage Cortina Estate is up for auction at the The NEC Classic Motor Show Sale in Birmingham, UK. The pre-auction estimate is  £24,000.  When you think about how rare and just how cool this car is – and the remarkable condition – that doesn’t seem like too much money. On top of that this vehicle is reported to be Jeff Uren’s personal car! Jeff Uren was the founder of Race Proved Ltd and the creator of the Cortina Savage.

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BYC 831J is equipped with an automatic transmission and of course the tuned, 140 HP 3.0 litre Essex V6.  The Savage vehicles are certainly Muscle Cars in the American tradition – the fitting of an engine from the large-car range into a vehicle of the mid-size range.

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One of the Rarest Cortinas on the Planet

This little Woody-optioned Cortina Estate is said to be one of only about five known to exist in Aeroflow spec. It is quite remarkable that the faux wood trim has remained in such good condition, however at the time these photographs were posted on the interior had seen better days.

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In this case the ‘E’ is for Executive

Up for auction in Swainby, which is about 59 kilometers north of York in the picturesque county of North Yorkshire, UK we find this gorgeous 1970 1600E. In October of 1967 Ford of Britain announced the availability of a luxury/performance model that would move the Mark 2 into a new sales segment.

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The Cortina 1600E would become a very popular option in this market niche as the model offered many performance and luxury features for a reasonable amount of money. In fact, according to author and Cortina expert Graham Robson, the 1600E would be the first Cortina recognized as a classic.

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It’s already here! Mark 1 recently imported to the US

Gotta love this left-hand driver – no price is given but it looks like a great little specimen. And the process of importing it has already been done for you! This is certainly one to consider carefully.

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This 1965 Deluxe 1500 model shure shows nicely in photos; the panels looking smooth and the brightwork clean and straight. The outside rear-view mirrors may have a case of the floppies so the new owner may want to address that straight away.

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1974 South African Cortina XLE – the ‘E’ being for Essex

In South Africa Ford sold Cortinas with the V6 engine from their larger car ranges – the 3 litre Essex V6. This 1974 Taunus-Cortina looks great in top specification (the GXL level wasn’t available in the market). Soft and curvy – in fact a lot like Ford’s popular models in the States.  Just smaller – and with smaller engines. Check out the early ’70s US Fords for clear evidence of which side of the pond this new styling direction was coming from.

I try to imagine this car being bought new in South Africa and who the buyer would have been given the system of apartheid that was in place. Its looks luxurious in top spec but it is still a Cortina. I can’t imagine.

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The Cutest Little Crayford

Now this one is a real doll – a 1967 Cortina ragtop. Ford never produced a convertible Cortina; a firm known as Crayford handled the conversion for them and quite a few other manufacturers it seems.  This drop-top comes with “full photographic restoration and huge history file.”

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Fancy an Estate? A Nice One in the UK

Aside from the wagon craze here in the States, wagons, or more properly Estates, have a plethora of practical purposes which can only enhance the ownership experience for a certain segment of the population. Travelers, campers/hikers/mountain bikers, surfers and the like find great utility in this body style – and of course the gettin’ groceries and a random jaunt to the train station.  This 1965 Deluxe with the 1.5 litre pre-Crossflow  engine looks to be ready for it’s next owner.

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The Savage Treatment

This interesting Mark III or Taunus-Cortina (TC) is up for auction in the UK and has a V6. The Daytona Yellow paint, as well as the exterior and interior trim, are claimed to be in “immaculate condition” per the auction house.  This generation Cortina is the one that merged with the German Ford Taunus range and became significantly the same car – save for trim and badging – going forward.  Coincidentally, the platform took on a more curvaceous, American-esque design of which the European audience was very fond.  For 1972 the Cortina was Britain’s top selling car.

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