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Ford Cortinas - and Getting Them to the States

Author: Oscar Fanavolin

More Detail on Insurance

Peace of mind. That is what it comes down to – feeling like you’re protected. Not to sound like an insurance commercial ( is not affiliated with any insurance company) but protecting your property is just common sense. When planning to ship your Cortina to the US there are a number of questions that will come to mind. What does cargo insurance cover? Cargo Insurance covers loss and/or damage of cargo while it is in transit between the points of origin and final destination. The transportation modes of the goods cargo insurance covers are by sea, air, and land.

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You and the Law – International Law

International law concerning the transport of goods between countries is a complex subject; however the small slice of legislation you will be dealing with is digestible with the proper guidance. People import cars every day – in fact the folks you will be dealing with may assume you do – and knowing what you are doing will make their day less frustrating as well. Having the necessary knowledge will not only make the process go smoother it may save you money and time.  It will also make the whole experience more rewarding. Humans have been moving stuff around this planet practically since the dawn of time so as you can imagine there are many defined procedures and methods that have been in use for decades if not centuries.  Following the rules and selecting the most advantageous options will not only keep you out of trouble but ensure your vehicle makes it to its destination without undue hassle.

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Some Helpful Tips on Choosing a Transportation Company

There is a significant amount of effort that goes into tracking down your next project – granted that effort, the hunt, is a cherished part of the experience. Once the target has been identified, transporting that project from its seemingly random location on the planet to your own workshop can take significant effort as well. There is no reason this effort cannot be rewarding or at least tolerable. Choosing a partner in this phase of acquisition is important because your choice can mean the difference between frustration and smooth sailing (pun intended).


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Choosing the wrong company could result in hugely unexpected expenses, long delays, or even failure to receive your car at all.  Mary James from Pacific Tycoon, a major player in the container rental and investment industry, has written a guest post on Universal Cargo’s blog that provides some great tips on choosing the best company to ship your car. It’s a great place to start your adventure!

In a Box or on the Deck

Perhaps it all comes down to risk tolerance. Crossing the ocean – one can imagine, as an automobile – sitting on the deck with other cargo cinched down with chains. Alternatively, a large, strong, steel container offers protection from most of the ocean’s elements outside a bloody disaster.  Heck containers can make a trendy home. Is it possible something could be thrown and damage your as yet delivered new jewel, exposed, on the deck? Certainly. Likely? Who knows – that’s why there is insurance.

MV Tønsberg

Author: Naamsvermelding vereist Subject: MV Tønsberg (Ro/Ro vessel of Mark V class Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics built in 2011) in the port of Zeebrugge (Belgium)

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Cortina Over the Ocean

Of course, since the lovely Cortina was a product of Ford of Britain, finding one on this side of the pond is not impossible but rather difficult. Cortinas that have already been imported from the UK (or the few sold here) are probably already in the enthusiast zone and as such may command a premium.


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